**Faire: A Brief Overview**

Faire is an innovative online wholesale marketplace that connects independent brands with retailers around the world. The platform focuses on empowering small businesses by providing them tools to discover and partner with each other easily. Faire helps local retailers find unique products from global artisans and makers, often offering terms that are more flexible than traditional wholesale channels, such as free returns on opening orders and net 60 payment terms. The platform's intuitive design and data-driven recommendations facilitate a seamless discovery and purchasing process, supporting the growth and success of both retailers and brands.

**Reasons to Use Faire**

1. **Expanding Product Discovery and Reach**: For brands, Faire provides a platform to reach a vast network of independent retailers without the traditional barriers of wholesale distribution. This exposure can dramatically increase a brand's visibility and sales opportunities across diverse markets. Retailers benefit from accessing a curated selection of unique products that can differentiate their offerings from mainstream retail chains, appealing to consumers seeking local and artisanal products.

2. **Risk Reduction in Wholesale Transactions**: Faire mitigates common risks associated with wholesale purchasing for retailers. The platform's return policy on opening orders allows retailers to try new products in their stores without the financial burden of unsold inventory. Additionally, the extended payment terms help small businesses manage their cash flow more effectively, making larger orders more feasible. For brands, this means quicker adoption and fewer initial barriers to entering new retail spaces.

By leveraging Faire, both independent retailers and brands can enjoy a symbiotic relationship that supports mutual growth and success. The platform’s focus on easing traditional wholesale pain points and its commitment to fostering small business connections makes it a valuable resource for those looking to expand their reach and impact in the retail industry.

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