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Instant insights. Simple automation. Achieve 100% accuracy of every order fulfilled with Rabot.



  • Inability to defend against ‘friendly’ fraudulent claims of wrong and missing items.
  • Failure to collaborate and efficiently close the feedback loop among the 3PL, brand, and end customers when addressing fulfillment issues.
  • Dissatisfied customers that are expecting a ‘branded’ experience that was unmet.
  • Inability to verify retailer compliance during the packing process, resulting in chargeback costs.
  • Lack transactional productivity metrics to accurately assess fulfillment capacity and billable cost to service.
  • Unable to scale with operational complexity resulting from an increase of brands and products.


Rabot is a Vision AI platform for fulfillment companies to get the visibility and insights they need to improve packing operations, while introducing approachable automation technologies into day-to-day operator workflows. 

With Rabot, you can achieve:

  • 99.9% accuracy, with video evidence
  • 66% reduction in QA & support costs
  • 25% improvement in overall productivity


Packiyo has teamed up with Rabot to facilitate the journey of 3PLs and brands towards scalability. Rabot offers a comprehensive visibility and transparency layer essential for both acquiring and retaining clients, while also ensuring compliance standards are met through the establishment of rigorous standards.


  • 3PLs with high growth client acquisition that want to shorten the lead time to build trust with their clients. 
  • Brands with a strong emphasis on B2B fulfillment and end-customer satisfaction.


Video Evidence

Indisputable evidence for each packed order that leaves the warehouse, with information on all contents within the order

Order Lookup & Fraud Defense

Immediate order lookup, incident investigation, and evidence.

Pack Station Performance & Monitoring

Order volume and pack rate metrics, accuracy metrics, with continuous visibility to achieve on-time and in-full SLAs.

Network Standardization

Centralize data from pack stations across warehouse locations to monitor processes, promote standardization and share insights.

Video Coaching & Onboarding

Train frontline operators and team leads across locations using video on best practices.

Compliance & Audits

Comes with out-of-the-box vision models that enable continuous improvement, compliance verification, and business process automation.

Task Automation

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks at pack stations and connect to systems to automatically trigger processes.

Digital Work Instructions

Guide packers with media-rich packing SOPs that are accurate and up-to-date.

Digital QA

Replace manual quality checks with a configurable sampling of order videos assigned to QA.

Digital Andon 

Reduce idle time and speed up response rates when packers encounter issues. Avoid error pile-ups and ensure takt time is being met.


As a Packiyo customer, you'll enjoy an exclusive offer: a 50% discount on Rabot's monthly service. Additionally, you have the option to apply your hardware license deposit towards your monthly SaaS fee. In essence, you'll receive three months of Rabot for free.


Rabot is now accessible to every single Packiyo customer! It's hitching a ride on Packiyo's growing success, showcasing how these two solutions team up to bring success to our mutual customers!

Here’s what you can expect from Rabot.

  • We assess customer needs and communicate success opportunities before getting started.
  • We ensure timely execution by shipping our Camera Systems and integrating them into Packiyo WMS within 2 weeks.
  • Once the Camera System is received, you will have everything you need to get it installed within 15 minutes.
  • Just as you expect with Packiyo, we pair you up with a devoted customer success manager to drive value for your team..
  • You have a seat at the table.  You’re officially a Key Opinion Leader for how the future looks between Rabot & Packiyo!

Lets talk. No sales bs, just informed discussion.