With Co-Pilot, you won't sweat the small stuff

Automation Co-Pilot checks every order against your custom rules alongside smart rules for repetitive tasks such as prioritization, shipping method, line item modification, special handling instructions and much more.

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Go Beyond basic automation rules

Set shipping, priority, flags & line items on every order automagically

Co-Pilot automations take care of the repetitive tasks, freeing your team up so they can tackle getting the days orders out the door (accurately and on-time).

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Keeping It Simple

Reduce the chance of mistake by eliminating the need for manual tasks.

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Auto Suggest

As Co-pilot learns, it will suggest new automations that save time & reduce errors.

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up your customer experience

Co-pilot allows you to get personal with every order

With Co-pilot, you can treat every order like you fulfilled it personally, delivering your brand in surprisingly special ways.

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Recognize First Time & Repeat Customers

Add a thank you not for being a first time customer, or discount code card for the next order. Co-pilot recognizes orders and can assign line items or instructions for your team without missing a beat.

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Deliver Instant Campaigns

Co-pilot can recognize tags, line item combos and even order amounts and then add line items, packer instructions or even a specific shipping method. Automagically.

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