Keep your sales channels connected

We've built direct integrations with most of the popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon and Adobe Magento, while continuing to build more.

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synced inventory & sales

Customers and your teams operate with timely synchronicity

Keep inventory and sales orders synced, and your team connected with customers. From customer success, to pickers and packers, Packiyo ensures everything is synced, no matter how many channels you manage.

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Orders & Inventory In Sync

Know status, line items, previous actions and priority at a glance.

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Manage Orders Quicker

Easy order editing for customer & warehouse teams.

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Click & connect

Connect directly to your sales channels using our built-in connectors

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Integrated with most popular platforms

Integrations to make it easier to connect your sales channels with a few simple clicks.

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Open API & Order Uploads

Need to fulfill orders that are not available in a sales channel or using a bespoke platform? You have options.

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Monitor orders across sales channels

Half the challenge of running an effective warehouse is knowing what orders need to be fulfilled and by what date. We've built (and will continue to refine) a flexible dashboard that gives you the knowledge on what is happening and what to prepare for.

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Know Where Orders Are Shipping To

All order delivery addresses are quickly visible on the live shipping map.

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Inventory, Orders, Team at a Glance

Optimized to give you a pulse on the your now, and avoid issues before they happen.

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