Inventory management built to keep you in the know

Inventory accuracy doesn't happen by accident. Get the tools to effectively manage every aspect of every item in your warehouse. From location, to verification when being picked and packed.

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Location, overstock, pickability

Control & manage inventory locations

With Packiyo you don't need to choose between static or dynamic slotting, have both. Manage inventory based on what you need and let Packiyo give you the insight on replenishment and location optimization.

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Optimized Location Layout

Organize pick zones and overstock locations with built in dynamic slotting

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Inventory Out, Inventory In

Know every movement of inventory with in-depth reports showing whats in and whats coming

Advanced Features
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flexible ims capabilities

Get powerful IMS features without the complexity

Typical WMS solutions do a fantastic job at confusing warehouse teams, because they're not built by warehouse people. Packiyo IMS simplifies inventory management, with features that give you control over how items are received, stored, counted and picked.

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Kits (bundles), Serial Numbers, Lot & Expiration Tracking

Get all the features you need to manage various types of products

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Replenishment Reports, POs, Receiving & Returns

Use the Packiyo Reports to know more than allocation, on-hand and backorder numbers

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Track SKU Counts

Keep tabs on SKU quantities faster

We've built a smarter cycle count by with an algorithm optimized for movement, historic sales, location and age. Combined with mobile scan verification for received, picked & transfer for less inventory mystery.

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Low Inventory Notifications

Setup inventory thresholds and get notified before stock is depleted

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Inventory Forecasting Made Easier

Use Packiyo reporting, or Inventory Planner and manage to forecasted demand

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