Order OMS you'll swear is magic

Packiyo is built to manage orders on a large scale. With tools that give your team the power to get them out the door faster than David Blaine could make them disappear.

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Go Beyond Basic Automation rules

Flag, prioritize & assign ship method to every order automagically

Co-Pilot automations take care of the repetitive tasks, freeing your team so they can tackle getting the right orders out the door, accurate and on-time.

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Free Up Your Teams Time

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View Orders at a Glance & in More Detail

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manage orders quickly

Order intelligence at your fingertips

Need to understand why an order cannot be fulfilled? Have a question about when an order shipped and who shipped it? Search, filter, edit and update quickly across devices.

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Bulk Edit

Make changes to multiple orders at the same time.

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Order Insight

Understand quickly the status of an order and why.

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