Pack & ship, or as we call it -zen station.

Your packers will appreciate the simplicity and focus that the pack & ship feature brings. We've optimized every step of the packing flow, from tote to gaylord throw.

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let the screen guide you

No confusion, no fuss, just scan a tote or SKU barcode & fulfill

No need to do anything other than follow the instructions. From line items, to packaging and shipping label. Need to change something? No worries, that's easy too.

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Scan, Pack, Print & Wrap.

Every step is clear, every scan is beeped and every order gets packed and tracked.

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Optimize for Shipping Cost

Combine the smarts of Co-pilot and the rules you choose for chosen shipping options and Packiyo does the rest.

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Partials & Split Orders

Pack with speed and make changes easily

Partial orders happen, as do split shipments. Packiyo guides the team on what partial orders can ship, as well as makes it easy for the packer to split or add packages to a shipment when needed.

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Keep Tabs with Shipment Reports

Using both the shipped orders and shipped items report, get the insight on how your shipping flow is working, and what you can improve.

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Realtime Pick, Pack & Ship Numbers

Packiyo tracks every moment, of every order, for every person on your team.

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