Manage replenishment from bin to pallet

Effective SKU stock management means managing both overall product stock levels as well as what's on-hand for pickers to pick. Packiyo has you covered on both fronts, and a bit more.

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Warehouse Replenishment

Insight & tools that work to your replenishment model

From minimum threshold, to demand inventory replenishment, Packiyo provides both the inventory level reports and purchase order features for you to manage whatever your model is.

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Inventory Forecasting

Packiyo is directly integrated with Inventory Planner for those that like replenish on forecast.

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Minimum & Stale Thresholds

Know what SKUs are approaching or at your set minimum thresholds, as well as what inventory is stale.

Purchase Order Management 
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Location replenishment & top-off

Never get caught in an order wave with your stock down

Leverage fluctuations in order prep demands with flexible replenishment modes across your warehouse locations and avoid stoppage time with multiple SKU locations and top-off inventory transfers.

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Handling High Turnover SKUs

Setup multiple pick locations, with overstock locations ready for inventory transfer and keep those picks flowing.

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Lean Logistics Management

Balance both the demands of lean inventory with forecasted replenishments that feed directly into your PO flow.

PO Creation & Receiving 
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replenishment reports

Weekly, daily or hourly. Know what needs replenishment before a restock holds up your team

Run full inventory replenishment reports as part of a standard operational warehouse check to maintain healthy inventory levels that match both current  and forecasted demand.

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Total Inventory at a Glance

Know what you have too much of, not enough of and what you're expecting to receive.

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Purchase Order Sell Aheads

Inventory sell-aheads based on open purchase orders help manage orders when on-hand is temporarily low.

Reporting & Insights

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