Actionable insight that keep your warehouse and team focused

Half the challenge of running a tight business is knowing what's happening and how to tackle it. Packiyo reports provide operational intelligence for you to do just that.

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Inventory & shipped items reports that tell the how, the now & the next

Know every element of stock movement. From how it was received, to where it was located, to when it was shipped (or not).

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Movement Audits

With a full history available for every product and every shipment, running a full report will provide all the insight you need.

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Identify Trends

Understand at a detailed level what the impacts of location, transfers, receiving and storage of any SKU in your warehouse.

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Team performance

Know your performers & those that need help

Have a better understanding on how members of the team are performing and where common errors occur.

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Picker & Packer Reports

Keep tabs on pick and pack performance, by date and individual.

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Understand What Drives Errors

Is it a performance related or a general process issue? Have the data, respond accordingly, keep your business on track.

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reports for what you prioritize

From replenishment, serial numbers, stale inventory and shipments.

Instead of trying to grow the eyes in the back of your head, we'll just give you the reports. We're such believers in data, rest assured we'll continue to add more options.

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At a Glance or In The Weeds

Generate the kind of insight based on what you need.

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Use Report Data Outside of Packiyo

Export your reports via CSV, or API for extended use beyond your WMS.

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