Smart mobile picking that keeps track

Aside from being really easy to use, your team will love the optimized pick routes, clear instructions on what to do next and the ability to resume a pick list if they need to switch devices.

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pick your battles wisely

You're not still using paper are you?

Look, we're not going to judge if you are, just know by switching to the Packiyo mobile pick app you're going to completely transform your warehouse. Also your mental health may possibly improve.

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Optimized Picking Routes

The less thinking in the picking process the better. Let Packiyo mobile pick figure out the route, and the picker just follow the guide.

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Many Orders, No Mistakes

Picking orders has never been easier, or faster. Simply select the number of totes, go to location, pick items, scan to confirm, go to the next.

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Smart Pick flexibility

Pick by orders or pick by SKUs, you choose

Before heading out on the next picking route, choose which pick method to use. Packiyo then calculates the route and off you go.

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SKU to Tote

Choose this option when picking many orders with similar SKUs. One SKU per tote. Ideal for many orders with similar line items.

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Order to Tote

Choose this option when picking an order to each tote, this is ideal for orders that have a wide variety of line items.

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Measure your teams performance, optimize your ops

Every pick, every pack, every ship is tracked. Get to know what pick options work better for your team, and use your reports to drive better decisions on how to run your warehouse.

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What's working and why?

View a breakdown of how your team are performing, get a better idea of what to change or keep the same.

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Individual team reports

Because everything is either through the app of desktop, you'll know every scan, every pick by each individual. Know who gets the employee of the month award.

Reporting & Insights 

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