Where's the support when you need it?

Yup, it's a reality many of us face when warehouse operations need a resolution to an issue, or an answer to a question. We know it, we've lived it.

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Empowered CS Agents

Great support is more than an auto reply, it's an actual resolution or answer that's needed in the moment

We train our CS team by actually working in a warehouse, using our software. Every employee of Packiyo is responsible for completing 5 hours of support per quarter. From software engineer, sales and all the way to the top.

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Product, Engineering, Support are United

Support teams are often given no real tools to solve your problem or investigate an issue. They need an engineer to help, and most often, they have to wait like you. This is a failing of company culture, and one we are determined to not repeat.

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Avoiding the "Just Ship It" Culture

We can move fast, and continually improve the features and capabilities you get without actually leaving your team stranded with a broken product. There is a better way.

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Training & best practice Help Guides

Knowledge is empower, and we love empowered clients

Documentation and video guides are fundamental learning aids for anyone using the Packiyo platform.

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Frequent Best Practice Guide Releases

As new features and capabilities are released, expect appropriate training docs and videos to help everyone get the most out of Packiyo.

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Knowledge Center for Quick Answers

Common questions, troubleshooting and basic software use guides are available as well as email and chat support.

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hey, Can you help?

Live chat for mobile & desktop account users

We're there to answer questions, provide solutions and hear feedback from your team at any time.

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Look for the Live Chat Icon

Have a question in the middle of a pick route? need a troubleshooting guide on barcodes? Just hit up the chat icon.

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Email is Monitored 24/7/365

Our team our located within the US and EU, and actively monitor all support requests. Like you, we don't sleep much.

Lets talk. No sales bs, just informed discussion.